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Akimbi Systems

Virtualization technology is rapidly achieving mainstream status in the data centers of Global 2000 enterprises. Akimbi Systems has developed groundbreaking software that builds upon and leverages virtualization technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of enterprise application development operations and the IT organizations that support them.

According to Gartner Research Director Theresa Lanowitz, "Big improvement ideas within the IT space are very rare, but Virtual Lab Automation is one such breakthrough concept. It presents an opportunity to achieve high-impact gains in software development lifecycle processes and cost reduction, and enterprise application development organizations should be anxious to use it to their benefit."

Enabled by virtual machine technology from VMware and Microsoft, Akimbi's Virtual Lab Automation System, Akimbi Slingshot™ addresses problems that are overwhelming Global 2000 application development operations and the IT organizations that support them:

  • Server sprawl - Organizations face an explosion in the number of machines required to develop and test enterprise applications, with some application development organizations reaching server-to-staff ratios over 7:1, even though average server utilization rates are often below 10%. Servers are hoarded under desks and duplicated across underutilized labs housed in data centers that are already short on space, power and cooling capacity.

  • Setup and provisioning overhead - An enormous amount of time is wasted on repetitive system setup, provisioning and configuration tasks, done in preparation for software development and test activities. These tasks often account for more than 50% of the total time expended in an application development and test cycle.

  • Costly system failures - Difficulties reproducing, diagnosing and correcting software defects discovered in remote development facilities, or by outsourcing partners, are leading to serious system failures in production, when the cost to repair can be over 470x higher than if resolved earlier in the process.

Akimbi Slingshot automates the setup and teardown of complex, multi-machine software configurations on a centralized pool of servers shared by the application development and QA teams in an enterprise. These operations are performed in a self-service manner by developers and QA engineers, relieving the tedious provisioning burden usually shouldered by the IT organization. This enables organizations to shave months off software development projects, reduce development and test equipment costs, and dramatically increase the quality of delivered software systems.

Over two dozen Global 2000 enterprises including Coldwater Creek, Experian, Intel, Juniper Networks, RSA Security and Symantec have selected the Akimbi Slingshot Virtual Lab Automation System to power their Virtual Lab Automation initiatives. Akimbi's strategic technology alliance partners include VMware, Mercury, Microsoft and PlateSpin. Akimbi products are sold through Akimbi's network of authorized distributors and resellers in North America, EMEA, and APAC.

Headquartered in San Mateo, California, Akimbi was founded in September 2004 by James Phillips and Xun Wilson Huang. Akimbi is a privately held company and has received funding from Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, Mayfield Fund, Partech International and Stanford University. Akimbi was recognized as a 2006 Codie Award Finalist by the SIIA and won the Audience Choice Award as the company most likely to succeed in the data center virtualization category at IBDNetworks' Under the Radar event.

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