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Capitalhead provides specialized information technology consulting services to businesses around the world. Our professional acumen is built upon a unique blend of technically elite specialists who pride themselves in their ability to seamlessly merge groundbreaking technologies with computing environments.

We are a Microsoft, VMware, PlateSpin, Trend Micro, Akimbi, Leostream and GFi approved solution partner and our primary focus is on providing clients with the very best in cutting edge technologies, including Enterprise-level Virtualization, Custom software development, Database design and Web based projects.

Powered by an incessant thirst for technology and knowledge!

At Capitalhead, we have a passion for making people more productive through smart software solutions that help them focus more on what they really want to accomplish, and less on mundane, repetitive "computer busy work".

As you may have guessed all Capitalhead personnel are for hire.  We believe we have a unique set of skills for your next big project.  Feel free to browse our People section to find out more about some of the key people who make up Capitalhead.

Everyday a new bit of code is written so staying on the pulse of this very fast moving field is a never ending job and that's a good thing because we have a pretty low attention span for old ideas. This industry can be quite unforgiving - one mistake and you're out.

Word travels fast, so striving for perfection will ensure our next contract. It's an industry where most of your work is by referral, and it pays to do the job once, and do it right!

Mission: Our never-ending uphill battle

We deal with incompetence on a daily basis and our goal is to remove it from the industry. With so many shoddy IT firms around; its not surprising people have begun to question the industry's motivation and moral standings. We do not tolerate incompetent professionals; nor those who hide behind a title or credential in order to conceal their ineptitude.

The industry, when it started, comprised of those who were fanatical and obsessed with new technology; a genuine love for a new creation. Nowadays however, there are too many people out there, blinded by the promise of easy money and fat margins. Certain "consultants" give you a very simple answer to anything you ask them, they'd rather enter your premises fix the problem and leave you with a bill. It's in their interest to take all the knowledge base back with them when they leave your building - that is of course if they were a skilled consultant. Most however try to fumble their way through a days work, charging their inability to grasp simple concepts to your next bill.

Are you happy with the IT crew you employ? If the answer is no then perhaps it's time to think about contacting us. A mob of hardcore fanatics, offering appropriate solutions to your problems? We'll show you where you're going wrong - maybe it's your people? Maybe its your technology?

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