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  • No internet access or Additional log on information may be required in Windows 7 x64 LAN and Wi-Fi

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No internet access or Additional log on information may be required in Windows 7 x64 LAN and Wi-Fi

If your Windows 7 computer (x64) keeps displaying or popping up the message saying No internet access or Additional log on information may be required, then this article will demonstrate some possible reasons and solutions.




Windows 7 comes bundled with some really cool new features which make our lives much easier, particularly when it comes to understanding why we can't connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or why we can't communicate to network resources on a LAN.

The messages in Windows 7 (including x64) are much more intuitive and you're more likely to fix your No internet access problem without any special tools or expert advice.  Firstly though, let's take a look at some of the features that Windows 7 introduces which enable us to diagnose internet access if not repair it.

Network Diagnostic Tool in Windows 7

This section will introduce two network troubleshooting tools found in Windows 7, the Troubleshooting Wizard and the Network Mapping utility.

Troubleshooting Wizard in Windows 7

One of the handiest new tools in Windows 7 when diagnosing problems is the Troubleshooting wizard.  It allows the user to troubleshoot and automatically resolve networking problems without having to have any technical knowledge.  The Wizard works for both Wi-Fi and LAN connections.

If you are getting the No internet access error or popup message you can try to use the troubleshooting wizard to fix the problems for you.  To use the troubleshooting wizard, simply do the following:

  1. Right click on the network icon in your task bar and select Troubleshoot problems.  You can also get to the Troubleshooting wizard from the Network & Sharing Centre in Control Panel.

    No Internet Access: LAN and WiFi Icon

    No Internet Acces: Troubleshoot problem
  2. Windows will now pop up a dialog saying that it’s trying to detect problems.  Here Windows 7 is trying to figure out what might be the issue associated with Wi-Fi or LAN related problems and why you may not have Internet access or connectivity.

    No Internet Access: Detecting Problems
  3. On the Windows Network Diagnostics dialog, select I'm trying to reach a specific website or folder on a network, if that is what your problem is.  Otherwise, select I'm having a different problem.  For this example we will select I’m trying to reach a specific website or folder on a network.

    No Internet Access: Select specific website
  4. In the address bar, type address of the website you’re having problems with and click Next.  We will use a fictitious address which we know will fail,

    No Internet Access: Website
  5. Windows will try to figure out why you may not have access to a particular website or connectivity to the internet, and will attempt to suggest actions which will correct the problem.  In our case, the internet was working fine, however the website was down and not responding.
    You can click on ether of the above options, these will expose you to more actions Windows 7 can perform in order to diagnose the No internet access problem.

    No Internet Access: Problem detected

Network Map

Another handy tool, which was also available in Windows Vista, is the Network Map.  Network Map allows you to quickly understand the layout of the Wi-Fi or LAN, including routers, switches and connected devices, such as printers or other computers.

In order to map your network using Network Map, you will need to ensure that the network you are connected to is set to either a Work network or Home network in Network and Sharing Center.  Please note, that you should not change the network type to Work or Home if you’re connected to a public network.  There may be serious security implications for your computer.  You use this at your own risk. 

Generally though, it should be possible to map out your network and understand why your computer may not have access.

To launch the Network Map follow these instructions:

  1. Click Start > Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center
  2. On the Network and Sharing Center dialog click See full map

    Network Map Windows 7
  3. The network should be discovered and a graphical representation shown as below:

    Windows 7: Full network map

Fixing the No internet access error message

The No internet access message is simply telling you that you have no internet access.  It may be due to any number of reasons, however the diagnosis of these is outside the scope of this article.  What I will cover, are ways in which you can let Windows 7 do all the hard work for you.

Earlier in the article I introduced the Network Troubleshooting Wizard.  To resolve the No internet access error, we can launch the Wizard to help us diagnose the problem.  It will make helpful suggestions from its detailed error scenario database; all of which should be sufficient for you to diagnose the problem without having to bother the support people.

Additional log on information may be required

The name in this error should tell you everything you need to know.  The message that pops up says that Additional log on information may be required, which usually means that you have connected to the ISP’s connection, however there are additional steps required in order to connect to the internet.  These additional steps might include accepting the usage policy or typing in a username and password, or even paying for the connection with your credit card.  It really all depends on whose Wi-Fi or LAN connection you’re accessing.

The easiest way to find out what is required is to start your browser.  If you have a homepage configured in your browser, then your computer will try to reach it when you start the browser.  Otherwise, type something like into your browser and see what comes back. 

Generally speaking, the ISP will redirect the request to their own page which will ask for these additional pieces of information.  Read the page and all the instructions – fill in the required fields and if you need to, pay for the connection.  This should remove the Additional log on information may be required error message from the screen.  If you experience any other problems, try using the Network Troubleshooting Wizard and see if that helps.


This article introduced you to new Wi-Fi and LAN troubleshooting tools in Windows 7.  We also discussed the reasons behind the No internet access error message and Additional log on information may be required error message, as well as suggested ways in using the new troubleshooting tools in order to fix the errors.


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